How Do I Add Money To My Account In Okcoin App?

Add Money To My Account In Okcoin App

add Money to my account in the Okcoin app

Adding money in the Okcoin app is easy when you follow the procedures carefully. Of course, people with an Okcoin account need to do transactions without any hassles. Fund transfer in this app is manageable but requires a few things to explore. Working in the Okcoin app is easy due to its user-friendly configuration. So, this post will teach you how to easily add Money to my account in Okcoin app. You have to focus on a few steps regarding the fund transfer in this app effectively. To add money to my Okcoin account, you must remember these things.

  • First, select deposit from the quick action row on the home page
  • Select the currency that you want to use
  • Then, choose a payment method
  • Of course, payment methods available in the account will depend on the region.
  • Cards and wire transfers are available internationally
  • Then, you have to select the amount you want to deposit
  • Finally, you must prefer the amount to transfer
  • Thus, users must enter the deposit amount into the Okcoin account.
  • You must minimum is $10, and the maximum limits depend on the verification levels.
  • Thus, you must review the deposit information and confirm the transactions.
  • The above steps may vary depending on the payment method used
  • Card payments have to update well and focus on confirming a deposit information
  • You can carry about Wire and SEPA, and deposits by focusing on the bank app using information
  • Okcoin can ask for a user ID and the banking details
  • Finally, you have to make available to customers outside the US

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Wire Transfers                                         

On the other hand, Wire transfers are typically helpful for transferring large amounts. Of course, it should be a Wire transfer to add money to my account in Okcoin App, submitted via bank using information Okcoin.

  • You must get the User ID and other banking details
  • Of course, you must pick the complete identity verification level 2 to use a wire transfer
  • Thus, fees for wire transfers vary depending on the bank, and funds should be typically for reaching out by focusing within five business days.
  • In addition to this, it should be focused on a smooth deposit experience and name links to getting a bank account match for focusing with a name on Okcoin.
  • Finally, it will explore a lot and enter the User ID in the memo section by the transfer request.

Credit And Debit Cards

Furthermore, credit and debit cards are highly convenient options for adding money to my account in the Okcoin App by focusing on practical payment methods such as “Add Money To My Account In Okcoin App.” You must input the card information and billing address and sign in the complete lists of supported countries here.


European users can use the SEPA, which should be valid enough, and add their bank accounts. Of course, it will explore SEPA deposits by adapting to similar options with wire transactions to be submitted through the bank using information.

You must sign in to Okcoin and enter your user ID and bank details. In general, it is also helpful for taking cash deposits quickly. Bank information should be valid; enter the details submitted through bank accounts.

On the other hand, you can deposit cash to the Okcoin account from the bank via ACH bank transfer.

  • ACH bank transfers can only take place in the US, and learn more about the cash deposits
  • Then, you must choose instant transfer, which adds funds to your checking or savings account
  • Then, instant transfers will have no fees, and your funds are usually available immediately
  • You can have up to 5 open deposit orders at the same time
  • Finally, you can deposit large amounts by better to choose wire transfers instead

1. Open The Deposit Page

  • First, log in to the account on the Okcoin website and follow the ways to deposits
  • Then, go to assets, drop down the upper right, and then select deposits
  • After that, you can go to dashboard> My Assets> Deposit

2. Select Your Preferred Currency

  • On the deposit page, you have to get and select the currency which would like to deposit in the account verifications.
  • Then, you must notice selecting a currency.

3. Select The Payment Method And Receiving Account

When using the Okcoin app, you must consider the payment method and receive the amount. Of course, you have to get the preferred bank account from the payment method. Then, to Add Money To My Account In Okcoin App, it would help if you dropped down the menu by focusing on a link with the account.

  • Then, select add account and enter the required information
  • Follow the instructions carefully within a short time
  • You can explore Plaid and Yodlee to link and add a bank account to your Okcoin account using a bank username and password
  • Once you add a bank account that is linked, you have to able to select it by drop-down list
  • Then, you have to learn about a bank account in detail as well
  • Next, you must enter the amount of like to deposit into the Okcoin account
  • You can get a minimum of $10, and maximum limits depend on identified verification levels
  • Users can learn about cash deposits limits and check the amount to notice processing time
  • Then, your name will check the deposit, and the account must match your Okcoin account
  • Otherwise, you can link with your account well
  • Finally, you must pick selecting the payment method

4. Submit Your Deposit Request

Once you select the deposit amount and payment method, click submit and complete the deposit process. In case of insufficient funds in the bank account, you will see that suspend from Okcoin account usage.

Of course, your funds will be available most often, and you must check them thoroughly. However, you can deposit money from your bank account within 3 to 5 days. Then, you will receive the deposited amount and sell the assets you brought.


Finally, you can notice the term deposit and use the transfer of the fiat from the bank account into the Okcoin account. Of course, you have to check Okcoin, which helps notice intent to carry about add Money to my account in Okcoin app.

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