How To Add A Custom Token To Metamask?

Add Custom Tokens To MetaMask

Metamask is a top-notch decentralized crypto wallet that allows users to transact immediately. It support blockchain and is compatible with Ethereum virtual machines and tokens on the network. Of course, the tokens of any blockchain on Metamask should be added manually and automatically. If you want to learn more about add a custom token to Metamask, this passage will help you in all possible ways. Thus, you will learn about adding a custom token to Metamask in detail. 

Add A Custom Token To Your Metamask Wallet

1. Open your MetaMask wallet

To add tokens, you must open the Metamask wallet.

Then, you have to choose to click “add token” button as well. 

2. Go to the Custom Token tab

After that, you must click the second tab with custom token adding. You can add it manually by following only simple steps as well. 

3. Find the address of the Token to add

After that, you have to locate the Token, which ensures one to add them copy and paste the token contract address filed easier. Thus, this address has to locate the Token contract and be able to work on the Token to address them with crypto exchange. They will come with a block explorer to show the Token, and the scan depends on the block explorer. 

4. Enter the custom address and add the Token 

Now, you can enter a custom address in the respective field on your Metamask wallet. However, you must add tokens based on the crypto wallet address and receive tokens using the added field. 

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Add A Custom Token to The Metamask Mobile App

Step 1: Copy the Token’s contract address.

You must skip this step if you already have a proper contract address for tokens to be added to the Metamask app. But you don’t have this step before; you have to open the website and type the name of the tokens in the correct option.

Next, tap on the icon following and the contract address to the clipboard. 

Step 2: Switch networks to the correct network

On the Metamask app, you have to enter the default network in Ethereum Mainnet. Of course, it should be a vital one, and we need to ensure the network and had been added to the wallet and select the default network as possible. 

Step 3: Tap [Import tokens]

Thus, you must add import tokens on the home screen and correctly enter the device. 

Step 4: Search Token to be imported or paste the contract address and tap import.

Now, type the name and add the Token in the column given. Of course, you must switch custom tokens to add and paste the contract address and then click the import tokens option in the main menu. 


Two possible ways exist to add tokens to your Metamask wallet. One is automatic, and another is manual, adding options. The tokens are available in your wallet, and add them by following proper guidance. In the search bar, the Metamask Token import page should be valid, and you should enter it without noticing any changes in the token name. Of course, automatic token detection is currently available as it conveys that Ethereum-based tokens are valid with compatible options and use the respective contract address to enter. 

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